16:9 hevc progressive SD 720x400

hevc proxed by Apache 200 Kbps (variable from 100 to 300 Kbps) wrapped in mp4
The video from the website yosemite project is a timelapse video 5 minute long
More informations about Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neil that directed the people that made it can be read on the about page

The embedded stream can be directly loaded by VLC as http://www.iginomanfre.it/Yosemite_SD100.
The video is a hevc (h265) 16:9 100-300 Kbps 24 frame per second with 64 Kbps AAC-LC stereo 44KHz audio compressed with FFmpeg x265 encoder.

This is a live streaming, not based on material downloaded in chops (such as Dinamic streaming ones - aka HLS/DASH - are).

The same video can be viewed (if all goes as it should) as HLS recalling the http://www.iginomanfre.it/hls8/hls8.m3u8 with VLC or any other player able to open it hevc payload.

16:9 hevc progressive SD 720x400 in HLS generated with VLC

The next window should reproduce with Midori and VLC plug-in the same video as above but segmented.
This means open the manifest file http://iginomanfre.it/hls8/hls8.m3u8 that is real time generated by VLC accessing to the stream http://iginomanfre.it/Yosemite_SD200
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