16:9 anamorphic PAL proxed by Apache (network-caching 1000)

I shoot the original of this video on the highway with my smartphone. The original was a 1080i30 converted in PAL NOT anamorphic.
Despite of its simplicity, the vertical movement of the cars stress the decoder and the connection. In case of lost of information (and the high compression rate of h264 is prone to these problems) the objects in the scene skip their positions and it is also possible they strike green behind if the last frame is a B/P frame.
The reproduction may be in any case affected by network problems

To be recalled directly with a player (such as VLC), the stream URL is www.iginomanfre.it/autostrada_PAL

The video is about 4 Mbps, a huge bandwidth for h264 (From this website are available also h264 PAL at 1.5 Mbps).
The same segment in HD 1080i25 is stream from this website, still compressed in h264, at more than 18 Mbps, a bandwidth usually not available also in the best ADSL connections.