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HLS stream hls3 generated and segmented live by VLC

This page embeds the live HLS stream hls3 erogated by my website through VLC and its source stream equally generated by VLC and proxed by apache

This bordered area on the left has been mantained to recall that through iframe tag, it's possible play automatically the video in full screen in smartphones, depending on the applications therein installed. On mine I've installed after VLC and MxPlayer (that are unable to play video embedded in html pages because they lack of browsers plug-in in android), Vplayer, and the basic samsung video player. Using one of these two is possible the automatic video opening.


I've added to httpd.conf of the apache server the following two lines
AddType application/x-mpegurl m3u8
AddType video/mp2t ts
If any conflict occurs with mime.conf, the Addtype in http.conf redefines it.

i've got an help from here