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HLS stream generated live by VLC

This page embeds a live HLS stream erogated by my website through VLC and its source stream equally generated by VLC and proxed by apache

hls4.m3u8 (hls metafile)

CIF_284 (true http live streaming)

hls stream done segmenting the stream CIF_284 but it is not shown because VLC video plug-in is dead!
It can be recalled using VLC from the above URL

The source stream for the hls but it is
not shown because VLC video plug-in is dead!
It can be recalled using VLC from the above URL

This bordered area on the left must recall that through iframe tag, it's possible play automatically the video in full screen in smartphones, depending on the applications therein installed. On mine I've installed VLC, MxPlayer, Vplayer, and the basic samsung video player.
The mobile browsers are unable to play embedded video in web pages because android browsers lack of plug-ins. Through the iframe tag, if one,of them is set as default player of m3u8 playlists, is,it possible to open automatically the hls streams.

<iframe src="" width="512" height="288" seamless frameborder="1" allowfullscreen> </iframe>

The hls metafile (extension .m3u8) is automatically opened through an iframe instruction setting properly apache streaming server and the browser

(ask me anytime before opening an m3u8 [VLC is suggested by firefox]

This windows will probably require the confirmation (as specified in the firefox options)

but you can also refuse to open the external application

I've added to httpd.conf of the apache server the following two lines
AddType application/x-mpegurl m3u8
AddType video/mp2t ts
If any conflict occurs with mime.conf, the Addtype in http.conf redefines it.

i've got an help from here

The following screenshots has been taken on my pc (where the mime type m3u8 is associated to vlc) before vlc video plug-in would be executed.output is shown in the following image:

Three video used to start until vlc plug-in was supported by NPAPI architecture: the labelled 3 was the VLC external app accessing to the adaptive streaming hls4 (through iframe calling), the labelled 2 was the live stream, the leftmost, labelled by 1, is the adaptive stream played by the embedded plug-in.

This is how Firefox 51.09b open this page

This is how Firefox after 2017 (versione 52 and above) open this page

try to recall the http stream outside the page

file locale

<video id="fenicotteri" poster="../jpg/512x288_rosso.jpg" controls> <source src="../video/fenicotteri_288p.mp4" type="video/mp4" /> </video>
file remoto/m3u8

<video id="cif_284" poster="../jpg/512x288_verde.jpg" controls> <source src="" type="application/" />

<iframe src="" width="512" height="288" seamless frameborder="1" allowfullscreen> </iframe>

Depending where vlc is installed of your pc, you can use the following line (from command line or from the run line
C:\Program Files\VLC 3.0.6>vlc
C:\Program Files\Videolan\vlc>vlc

From command line (you can recall it typing cmd in the start line

and pressing enter

On my pc vlc is installed on C:\Program Files\VLC 4.0.0

...but also on C:\Program Files\VLC 3.0.6
"C:\Program Files\VLC 3.0.6\vlc"
"C:\Program Files\VLC 4.0.0\vlc"

The default at vlc setup is C:\Program Files\videolan\VLC