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try to recall the http stream outside the page

Despite there are many external call to handle video (video, iframe and href), it is not possible to reproduce a realtime stream generated by VLC externally a webpage because it should be downloaded before reproduced: it is allocated, downloaded but will never be played.
It means that the only way to see one of these stream is to call externally vlc but this is not safe to be done automatically, and must be done by hand.

Videolan VLC by default install the program in C:\Program Files\Videolan\vlc so you may open the stream generated but not reproduced by browsers in command shell or typing in the start line "C:\Program Files\Videolan\vlc\vlc"
(the double quotes are required because there are spaces in the command)

But you can install vlc where you want. Eg. - as I did - in C:\Program Files\vlc 3.0.6, in this case you must type the line
"C:\Program Files\vlc 3.0.6\vlc"

In detail to use command shell (you can recall it typing cmd in the start line)

and pressing enter

On my pc vlc is installed on C:\Program Files\VLC 3.0.6 so it can be invoked in two ways:


The double quotes in the composition of the program path are required because there is a space therein.

while to use the start run

Note even here the double quotes in the composition of the program path because there is a space therein.