half CIF proxed by Apache

In order to test the capability to stream in hd, I've used a small portion of the movie Home realised by Yann Arthus Bertrand in 2009, copyright Europa Corp, publicly viewable on many web sites.
I've added a specific page with all the disclaimer and additional informations.

I've used only 282 seconds from the beginning of the movie. The entire movie is publicly viewable on the web in many languages: their link are reported in the above written disclaimer page

Native half CIF stream not back-anamorphed (so, deformed)

Native half CIF stream wich the plug-in do not allow to force the aspect ratio to 16:9)

IT DOES NOT WORK! despite:

The user interface of the ordinary program allow to modify the aspect ration of the anamorphed stream

while the plug-in supply no way to do it

In the VLC plug-in documentation seems not to exist an aspect ratio native parameter, while a method for java seems do exist.

The two Object used in the cells in the above table are the following
above: call desired "not deformated" (native)

above: call where it would be preferred to be able to change the l'aspect ratio, thing apparently impossible

This is the half CIF version of the same clip. Due to the small format the video is directly embedded in the page in two versions: one original and the other back-distorted.

The embedded stream can be viewed directly loading through VLC the stream http://www.iginomanfre.it/hCIF_100.
It shows the first 282 seconds of the movie Home by Yann Arthus Bertrand. The audio is in italian, but the entire movie can be seen freely on the web in english, french, spanish, and other languages as written in the disclaimer page
The video is a h264 100 Kbps VBR 50 frame per second with 32 Kbps AAC stereo 48KHz audio horizontally squeezed to reduce the amount of information to be compressed
The same segment is available in other bitrate and resolutions as listed in this page