Worldwide live web radio broadcasting through a RTP gateway in cloud

The scope of this page, is to demonstrate how is possible to set-up a worldwide live web audio/video broadcasting originated from everywhere in the world with an extremely limited budget using the public Internet

The following drawing show the architecture of the system running behind this webpage

The external stream source can be any equipment generating an rtp audio stream source.

Depending on the current transmissions state the stream can be unavailable and the page is therefore mute

The above embedded player may be internally generated or stream in RTP (Audio/Video) to the cloud server toward by VLC (despite the RTP (audio/video) with a Time To Live TTL sufficient to pass a certain number of routers.
This transmission is in any case pointed to the server, then received and re-stream in http on a "strange port" (usually not open on firewalls).
This reflexed stream is then proxed on port 80 by Apache, to become WAN prone: receivable worldwide.
This webpage with embedded video has been designed to be viewed through the browsers of personal computers (PC/mac/linux) where VLC player have been installed.
On ARM based smartphones and tablets (not x86 based PCs), you'll get an empty placeholder with the warning plug-in not installed/available (in italian Plug-in non presente/non disponibile). This is caused by unavailability of video plug-ins for mobile browsers. Also at commercial level, Adobe or Microsoft do not support the flash or silverlight plug-ins, so the browsers must includes an internal capability to handle, decode and present some video formats or are specific decoding applications.